Total Solution
Joylong offers total solution of beverage production for our customers. Compare with single equipment, we pursue comprehensive efficiency and ability of complete line for the beverage factory and focus on factory design and combination of beverage production.

Project Plan
Based on experiences in beverage industry, we make a comprehensive, systematic design and planning for customers by following international food regulation and advanced technology. By combining advanced management through costs, beverage production line technology (pretreatment, treatment, filling and packaging), logistics and informatization technology, we finish complete plant design and running for customers

Equipment Coordination
Joylong can provide variable beverage products production combination, it covers water treatment, beverage treatment, filling, labeling, conveying and packaging. By individualized selection treatment for device, it can satisfy customers’ requirement for variety or individuation.

In order to get running situation for the products in the plant and client device, Joylong established an advanced service feedback system and effective dispose, which largely increase the service quality and decrease the running cost.

Dairy product solution

Dairy Product definition

Dairy product is processed by fresh cow (sheep) milk as the main raw material. Including: liquid milk (pasteurized milk, uht milk, yoghurt, yoghurt drinks); milk powder (full fat milk powder, skim milk powder, infant formula milk powder and other formula milk powder); condensed milk (full fat pale condensed milk, full fat plus sugar condensed milk, seasoning/modulation condensed milk and formula condensed milk); dairy fat (dilute cream, cream butter ); cheese (original cheese and remade cheese); other dairy (casein, lactose and whey powder).

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lager capacity soymilk curd processing machine

Juice solution

Juice Definition

Fruit juice drink is a kind of beverage made from fresh fruit. Various fruit juices contain different vitamins and other nutrients, which is regarded as a kind of healthy beverages, common fruit juice: apple juice, grapefruit juice, exotic fruit juice, mango juice, pineapple juice, watermelon juice, grape juice, cranberry juice, orange juice, coconut juice, lemon juice, cantaloupe juice, strawberry juice, papaya juice, etc.

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Carbonated drinks solution

Carbonated drinks definition

Carbonation is the process of dissolving carbon dioxide in a liquid. The process usually involves carbon dioxide under high pressure. When the pressure is reduced, the carbon dioxide is released from the solution as small bubbles, which causes the solution to become effervescent, or fizzy. An example of carbonation is the dissolving of carbon dioxide in water, resulting in carbonated water.

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Drinking water solution

Drinking water definition

According to "drinking water health standards" WHO is defined as "drinking water and domestic water for human life, sealed in plastic, glass, etc. Can be directly drinking water in the container. Including drinking natural mineral water, natural spring water, pure drinking water and other drinking water, etc. In Joylong applies to pure water, mineral water, beverage products all kinds of water treatment equipment, water and process water mainly includes: pretreatment system (multi medium filter, activated carbon filter, ion exchanger, micro filter), membrane separation system (super filter, filter, reverse osmosis units), electrodialysis equipment, sterilization equipment (such as uv equipment, ozone equipment)

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