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Sweet butter processing line Package in bulk container Ireland UHT milk production line
Package: Brick shape carton aseptic filling machine
Package volume: 250ml
Sterilization:UHT sterilizer
Shelf life: 1year

bulk container Sour butter production line Mexico turnkey project for yoghurt production line
we are provide factory design and layout ,installation of machines,hands-on training and so on.
Capacity: 20T/D
Package: cup and plastic bottle
Package volume: 80g,250ml,500ml,1L,2.5L
Shelf life: 1week

Salted butterP processing plant Package in small box Singapore juice production line
Include fresh fruit pre-treatment section,water purification ,sterilization, filling and CIP cleaning system.
Capacity: 2000L/H
Package: plastic bottle.
Package volume: 250ml,500ml,2L
Shelf life: 1year
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