Juice Concentrate Processing Line
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Complete Juice Concentrate Processing Line

The juice concentrate production line include washing ,crushing,squeeze extractor, enzymolysis, evaporator,sterilizer, aspetic filling and etc. We manufacture various fruit processing equipments with different functions like crusher,squeeze extractor are simple construction,easy operation, ,High production efficiency have positioned us as the Chinese market leader in the worldwide.
Characteristics and advantages

The juice concentrate processing capacity range from 50 tons/day to 1000 tons/day
The concentrate juice processing line can deal with different characteristics of fruits
Automatic disinfection liquid concentration control system, effectively guarantee the sterilization effect and control the disinfection residue
Efficient crusher improved the high output percentage of apples and pears
Using efficient belt juice extractor to improve the juice efficiency and the output percentage
The production process fully automatic PLC control to reduce the labor intensity and Improve production efficiency
Low-temperature vacuum evaporation Greatly reduce the flavor substances and nutrient losses
A variety of energy recovery measures , increased the energy utilization and greatly reduce production cost
Tubular UHT sterilizer and Aseptic filling machine, Isolated from the pollution of bacteria,ensure the safety of the food and extend the shelf life of the product
A complete set of production with self CIP system reduce the labor intensity and ensure the high level sanitation.
We supply turnkey projects solution for juice concentrate processing line, juice concentrate making machine, juice concentrate production equipment, juice concentrate plant
The whole juice concentrate line including:
1.Water Treatment section:
2. Fresh Fruit Processing Section
3. Preparation Section
4. Three-effect Evaporation Section
5. Sterilization Section
6.Juice Concentrate Filling & Packaging Section
7.CIP Cleaning Section
9. Steam boiler
10. Water chiller
11. Installation materials

Complete juice concentrate plant technical parameters

Raw material

Various fresh fruits


Juice Concentrate, Juice beverage, etc

Processing capacity

50tons/D to 1000tons/D

Output percentage


Fruit consistance

10- 20Brix

Product consistance


Products package

Aseptic bag, brick shape carton, gable top carton, PET bottle, etc

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