Carbonated Drinks Production Line
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Complete Carbonated Drinks Production Line

This beverage processing line is for producing various kinds of carbonated soft drinks, like coca cola, pepsi cola, fanta, soda water, etc
production line for carbonated soft drink 5T/D – 1000T/D

The whole carbonated drinks production line including
1.Water Treatment section:
2. Syrup Treatment Section
3. Co2 Treatment Section
4.Cartonated Drinks Mixing Section
5. Cartonated Drinks Filling & Packaging Section
7. Compressor
8. Chiller
9. Steam boiler
10. Installation materials

Carbonated drinks plant technical parameters

Raw material

Pure water, CO2,sugar, etc


Various carbonated drinks, gas drinks, soda water, etc


5T/D – 1000T/D

Product package

Plastic bottle,  glass bottle.can, etc

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